Ok two week “reset” over. Tomorrow we start again. 6 weeks until I move to SA. 9 weeks until I start residency. Still going to low carb, but more protein and less worried about high fat.


a break from keto

I think I’m going to take a break from keto and eat low carb, but not be so worried that fats make up the super majority of my macros. Meaning, I’ll likely be eating high protein, but still only 1 serving of oatmeal or sweet potatoes a day with maybe a piece of fruit. I think that means that I’ll be using protein to undergo gluconeogenesis rather than being in ketosis. But if I’m eating at a deficit, it shouldn’t matter for weight loss. Keto is just good for weight loss b/c people tend to feel more satisfied from fat. But I like protein. And I feel like going high protein again.

Started to re-read Intuitive Eating. Was more mindful during the day but this before bedtime eating is still a beast. I’m wondering if its because I’m eating low carb. Or maybe its just because I’m a fatty and I just want sweets. I’m going to not be so anal until next week when I’m done with rotations and have a consistent schedule. I’ll have six weeks until I move for residency at that point. So even if I’ve negated 2 weeks of progress out of the 5, I’ll be ok.

I think I need to stop buying Quest bars because that’s what I usually crave after dinner (and chocolate).

ok that didn’t work

So yea… broke the diet already. Didn’t make it 48 hours haha! Truly ridiculous, but I forgive myself.

Plan now is… allow some caffeine (moderate). Eat one suspect group at a time. Starting with… DAIRY. So I can stop eating tablespoons of olive oil for fat source. And then I’ll swap dairy out for nuts. Try not to eat processed stuff. Something like that.

thoughts so far

Today was rough without caffeine. Wake up call was 6am and I was a zombie driving to the gym. Did not feel like moving at all so I let myself have an easy workout; heart rate stayed around 120s – 130s. Came home and took a nap. Then I almost allowed myself to go to Sonic for a limeaid! But then I thought, how ridiculous would it be that I could make it through medical school but not 48 hours without a soda? Pathetic.

So far I’ve been eating turkey, avocado, olive oil, various veggies, and eggs. Yes, I allowed myself eggs. The idea of getting 80 grams of fat from olive oil alone sounded really unappetizing and I needed some food I could take with me to clinic that didn’t involve a fork. I’ve also had 2 Jolly ranchers and about 20 dark chocolate chips. And Vitamin Water since its sweetened with Stevia. Yes it has citric acid. Life goes on. I’m hoping by tomorrow my body will have had time to clear out any weekend food left and I’ll see some progress.

the plan

Well, I’ve definitely taken this weekend to enjoy some of the foods I haven’t eaten in a while, along with just eating a ton more than usual in anticipation of this upcoming diet. This probably qualifies as some level of binging. It will require therapy. I do plan on re-reading “Intuitive Eating”. Either way, I figure this week will be a painful reset. I definitely ate when I wasn’t hungry this week.

So tomorrow’s menu will be: turkey breast from Rudy’s barbeque, steamed broccoli, steamed carrots, sweet potato, avocado, and olive oil. Haven’t quite figured out the macros to keep fats high… My plan is to consume one avocado a day, which will be around 16g fat, and then fill in the rest with olive oil. Not sure how to consume 4 tablespoons of oil, but I’m hoping that just mixing it with some chopped veggies and the meat will suffice. I also bought some salsa, even though vinegar is on the no-no list. I figure if its the second to last ingredient, I’ll live. Maybe I should just mix up 8oz of turkey, chopped veggies, the avocado, and oil and just eat that whenever I get hungry. Geez that should really help with the intuitive eating and force me to eat only when I’m hungry since it sounds really unappealing right now.

Or maybe its just unappealing because I just ate 4 gluten free cookies.

This is going to be interesting. I apologize in advance to all the people who will have to interact with me this week. No coffee, no soda, no caffeine, no sugar.

new direction

I think I’ve reached the point where my body/brain has had enough deficit and is revolting. I’ve been having trouble all week with keeping under calories. I’ve done two-a-day workouts twice this week to try and make up for eating more but then I just end up eating more at night. So I’m giving myself a break and will be at maintenance this week. Hopefully this just puts the progress at pause, and not rewind.

Another reason I’m just going to let myself eat this weekend is that I think I’m going to do an elimination diet starting Monday. TMI, but I’ve been having GI problems since before match, which was over a month ago. I’ve had IBS for many years, so it was not surprising that the stress of match caused me trouble, but its been going on too long now. Another suspect might be the constant high fat diet of keto. Either way, I’m not digesting my food right, though its not causing weight loss so I know its not a true pathological issue. I’m just getting tired of being woken up at 5am to go to the bathroom.

I’m not sure how to keep keto while on this diet, since the only fat sources allowed are olive oil, avocados, and chicken/turkey. I’d probably have to drench veggies in oil to keep macros. However, if the high fat keto IS the cause of my troubles, this won’t help at all… I think I’ll start off by trying to stay keto and if I can’t, or I see no improvement in a few days, I’ll opt out. The question that is arising now is, when was I planning on ending keto? Do I even want to? I can stay in keto now even having fruit and oatmeal, etc. Actually I don’t know since I don’t use the test strips anymore but I don’t really miss potatoes or rice, and gluten free subs for bread and stuff aren’t that appealing. 

I’m going to contemplate it some more, but I think this is probably something I need to do.


Ummm completely blew through my diet today. Ate a ton of fat and protein but still unsatisfied. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety and stress, multifactorial, but is it possible the constant calorie deficit is producing more cortisol?

I know I’ll still come out at a deficit for the week, but its today was discouraging. Just trying to get through these last 10 days of rotations without undoing any (if there is any) progress I’ve made these last 5 weeks.